Digital linear measuring instruments

The Newall Spherosy and Microsy scales consist of a stainless steel tube with calibrated, precision ground steel balls inside. The scales are calibrated preloaded and sealed at the factory for the rest of the life.

The windings of the reader head induce an electromagnetic field around the scale. Due to their shape, the balls of the scale cause differences in the magnetic field. The reader head registers even the smallest change in the magnetic field.

Newall devices can also be used as sensors for CNC devices using the Interface device, which generates industry-standard square-shaped TTL type messages.

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Newall offers a full five-year warranty on all display devices as well as converters and a lifetime warranty on all measuring rods.Reinforced cable with vibration-resistant display with scratch-resistant and unbreakable glasses. No maintenance or mechanical wear. Scale lengths (Spherosyn) up to 11 meters and (Microsyn) up to 1 meter.
Newall display devices:
Topaz -serieThe Topaz DRO series has been developed for the cost-conscious DRO user who requires measurement on one, two or three axes. The compact but wide range of Topaz calculators is built into a molded frame and has a bright and easy-to-read LED display. Topaz controllers offer a range of functions not normally found in devices in this Price Range.
Topaz StandardTopaz Standard is available for single, two or three axes and is ideal for many working methods involving traditional machining such as milling, reaming, turning, grinding and inspection.
Topaz MillTopaz milling is available in two or three axis versions. It includes all the standard functions of Topaz DRO, as well as special functions designed for milling and reaming as additional functions.
Topaz LatheTopaz Turning is an extension of the standard model, including a transfer function that allows you to substantially speed up multi-stage machining using many different cutting tools. Topaz Turning is available in a two-axis version. 99 tool transfer capability.
DP 8 -serieThe DP 8 series is one of the most complete monitor series on the market. It includes models specifically designed for milling, reaming, turning, grinding, spark machining, and many other applications.
DP 8 DigipacDigipac includes absolute / incremental measurement, linear error compensation, multilingual messages, inch / metric conversion, radius / diameter conversions, RS232 data link printing, and more.
DP 8 MillpacIn addition to the basic DP 8 functions, the Millpac includes additional functions required for complex machining operations, such as: - PCD "Bolt hole circuit" - Blade radius compensation - Arc machining option - 199 lower starting points Arc machining option and function Millpac automatically calculates the position of the blade when In the XZ plane. The finish quality of the surface in the arc is user-definable so that it meets the requirements of the workpiece
DP 8 LathepacLathepac is an extended version of Digipac for turning; like Millpac, it includes functions for lower starting points for batch processing, reducing errors and saving time. The Lathepac includes 99 blade transfers and 199 lower starting points.
Newall Icon Interface -unitThe Icon Interface is a product developed by Newall Measurement Systems that allows the output sculptures of Spherosy and Microsyn converters to be connected to a wide range of compatible devices, including digital display devices from other manufacturers and CNC systems. These devices must be able to receive incremental-type square OSH-type wave messages. The Icon Interface unit consists of one Euro card BCB motherboard, which includes the modules of the axes to be connected. It can be used to connect many types of devices up to three axes and each has its own power supply. The unit is housed in a sturdy aluminum box (BS 1615 AA 25). The parts needed to attach the box are included in the delivery.



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