Bomar Ergonomic 320.258 DGH

Semi-automatic band saw

Minimum diameter to be sawn: Ø 5 mm
Residual piece length: 20 mm
Saw blade: 2910 x 25 (27) x 0.9 mm
Blade speed: 20-120 m / min
Blade motor: 1.5 kW
Weight: 390 kg

Pyydä tarjous

Standard equipment and accessories

  • Heavy-duty vibration-free saw arm
  • Automatic shut-off of the blade rotation after sawing
  • Powerful engine with oil bath in the transmission; guarantees a long service life
  • The saw arm is articulated to the frame with tapered roller bearings, light ascent
  • Carbide blade guides; better cutting accuracy
  • Stepless blade speed
  • Blade cleaning chip brush; better cut
  • Easy and fast manual rotation of the saw arm
  • Hydraulic press with quick release
  • Clamp movable on both sides of the blade
  • Saw arm movements are hydraulically controlled from the control panel
  • Automatic cutting pressure monitoring
  • Shut-off valves in liquid cooling hoses
  • Large detachable chip tray for sawdust
  • Ergonomic working height
  • Finger guard attached to the blade guide
  • Supplied with clear operating instructions in English and Finnish
  • CE certified


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