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Newall Measurment Systems, based in Leicester, England, has launched a new second-generation linear measuring rod, the Spherosyn 2G. Designed for the manual machine market, the Spherosyn 2G is faster to install and requires less maintenance. In addition, Newall is the only manufacturer to offer a 5-year warranty on read heads and a lifetime warranty on rods, reflecting its confidence in its product.


Newall’s unique linear ruler technology provides continuous accuracy even in the most demanding conditions. The new Spherosyn 2G read head completely redesigned electronics offer significantly lower total cost of ownership than its predecessor. The new mounting kits allow for more precise alignment, allowing for easier and 30-50% faster installation than traditional glass rods or magnetic tapes. In addition, the new shaped frame is not only stronger and more rigid but also more efficient thanks to its long rod support package.

The electronics of the new Spherosyn 2G inside the stainless steel housing do not require any maintenance at all. The new technology of the rod and the fact that there are no mechanically wearing parts in the device means extreme durability and reliability, offering the best possible machine usability.

Unlike glass rods, which require constant cleaning and are prone to scratches or breakage, Newall’s rugged stainless steel rods do not suffer from contamination problems and therefore do not need to be cleaned or replaced. This feature alone can save thousands of euros per year on workshop overhead.

The Spherosyn 2G has the same signal as the older models, which makes the 2G compatible with the Newall displays of hundreds of older Spherosyn measuring rods in use in Finland and Estonia. The new 2G offers cost-effectiveness, higher performance, reliability and an aesthetic appearance.

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