CNC Horizontal and Carousel Lathes

HL-300 MSY+0iTF

HL-300 MSY+0iTF

Femco CNC lathes and Carousel lathes

Femco’s CNC lathes are known as highly rigid, efficient and reliable work moles. In Finland, Femco’s CNC lathes have achieved a very solid position and have been used in our machine shops since the beginning of the 1980s. CNC horizontal lathes are suitable for both chuck and bar machining and are connected in several pieces to bar magazines as well as robot cells. Turning lengths are 580-2320 mm and turning diameters 250-640 mm. Femco’s total sales in 1999 were nearly $ 120 million. The number of employees in the company is approximately 610. The machine tool department employs 120 people.



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