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The bar feeder manufacturer has revolutionized the flexibility of servo-controlled bar magazines with its technology. Bruno Bargellini, the founder of Top Automazion, his decades of experience in rod working and the problems he found in it made him wonder what a rod magazine really should be like. He found it particularly problematic that when working with rods of different diameters, the guide channel always had to be changed, which took several tens of minutes. In addition, if one had not acquired the right channel size, one would always have to invest in a new size, which was expensive and delivery could take a long time. So in 2001, as a result of years of development, he patented his highly innovative PLC-controlled bar magazine, which set a whole new standard for bar magazine flexibility.


Automatically adjustable

Top Automazion’s truly easy-to-use bar feeders automatically adjust themselves to the right bar size from the steering without the user having to perform almost any mechanical action. Significant time savings are generated when the resetting time drops to almost zero and the embarrassing need for storage and investment in control channels is eliminated. In addition, thanks to the pusher used by Top Automazion, a separate spindle guide is no longer required. The bar feeder manufacturer’s range includes solutions for bar capacities from Ø 4 mm to 110 mm.

Work hard for success

As a testament to the importance of Top Automazion’s innovation, it was awarded the 2005 “Innovative New Company in Italy” award among 100,000 Italian companies. In addition to the very strong position it has achieved in its home country, the company’s main market areas are the rest of Europe and the USA. In Finland, several leading bar lathes have taken advantage of the competitiveness provided by Top Automazion.

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