Presses and edge forming machines

Omera product range

The product range of Omera Group, which started operations in 1951, includes e.g. C-, monolithic and composite frame servodynamic, hydraulic and mechanical presses and edge shaping machines. In addition, the manufacturer makes very highly automated lines, for which it also offers tools if desired

Omera Group

The Omera Group consists of four different companies, three of which are located in Italy and one in Germany. Omera manufactures hydraulic presses and edge shaping machines. Presse Ross manufactures mechanical presses and Timac and Omera Mawe manufacture special machine tools mainly for sheet metal. The total production area is 30,000 m², the number of employees is about 170 and the turnover is 34 million euros.


The company’s production facilities and machinery are very modern and the design takes place in 3D and 2D CAD environments. The hulls of all machines are analyzed by FEM simulation measurement. The company invests heavily in product development and quality assurance. In addition, the manufacturer has a spare parts warehouse of tens of thousands of items, from which you can get all the most common spare parts with very fast delivery. The company also has a fifteen-person service department, high-quality documentation and ERP.

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Omera Servo-Press with increased productivity

Omera company portfolio

Omera 4 Lines- SWH Precision

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