Horizontal and vertical spindles as well as 5-axis machining centers

Reliability, rigidity and accuracy are the most descriptive words for Japanese OKK machining centers.

When traditional is not enough

Reliability, rigidity and precision are the most Japanese words for OKK horizontal and vertical spindles as well as 5-axis machining centers. Usually, once OKK’s machining center was acquired, it was given up only in the face of coercion. OKK’s top-quality machines last longer than the life cycle of a conventional machine tool, and typically the user acquires new OKK machining centers alongside the old machine to increase its production capacity.

The factory manufactures all spindles, mechanical gearboxes, various ball screw systems, flat guides and the special features of the controls. The company’s own foundry has more than 60 years of experience in very high-quality casting of the entire OKK product range. These factors provide OKK with full knowledge of the machine’s core technologies, production and performance. For the end user, this simply means excellent machine tools, with superior precision and reliability over an exceptionally long machine life. And not just for basic use, but especially for heavy high-speed machining.

OKK’s production currently runs at an annual rate of about 1,700 machines and it employs about 850 people. In Japan, for example, Honda considers OKK’s machines to be its number one choice, and Toyota also relies on OKK’s machines. In Finland, OKK machining centers have been in use for decades. OKK’s comprehensive range of machining centers includes machines for a wide range of machining needs. OKK manufactures both flat and roller bearing guided machines and uses Fanuc as control.

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OKK VP-600 5AX 5-axial vertical machining center.

HM-X6000 5-axial horizontal machining center.

OKK VM 7 III vertical machining center.

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