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Pipe-free bending machines

Free bending of profiles and pipes without direct sections and tool changes

The patented Niss free bender from the German J. Neu GmbH is a completely unique pipe bending machine in the world that enables 3D bending of both round and profile pipes to different radii, without direct sections between bends and tool changes. With extremely advanced control and tools, a constantly changing radius can be bent and only one tool is needed per pipe size and model. This unique technology significantly shortens the bending cycle times because the bending takes place as a continuous push of the pipe through the tool, allowing the bending to take shape at once and with great precision. The free bender offers a solution where the bending always takes place in the optimal direction, unlike traditional CNC pipe bending machines.

Automotive industry development partner

J. Neu has further developed the patented free bending technology, which he originally bought from Japan, very successfully in cooperation with the German and now also the Finnish automotive industry. The challenges have been the ever-tightening requirements of the automotive industry for increasingly compact and lighter structures, which means ever tighter bending radii as well as thinner wall thicknesses. In addition, vehicles are being designed to be more and more seamless, which in pipe bending means 3D bending radii that change in both directions at the same time. Several tests have also shown that the unique bending method of a free bender is ideal for bending before hydroforming because it maintains the wall thickness of the pipe almost unchanged.

Unique control

With the very easy-to-use control of the Niss free bender, the bending program can be created directly from a 3D CAD file, after which it can be 3D simulated. The control can also be combined with a measuring arm, so that bent workpieces can be measured and an automatic bending program correction can be performed. These functions eliminate set-up times and minimize waste material, which also makes the production of small series more profitable and the speed and flexibility of response to a new level.


Accurate and fast bending

The standard round tube has a maximum bending diameter of 90 mm, and the machine can also bend flat oval tubes and asymmetrical profiles, among other things. Currently, free benders are available in 3-, 5- and 6-axis, but a 7-axis version is also under development.
Typically, the free bender is delivered as a production cell with automatic loading and unloading functions as well as other necessary machining functions, such as sawing, head forming and deburring.

Success stories


Free bending of profiles and round tube with the patented J. Neu Niss free bending machine.

Free bending of a round tube.

Increase the free bending of the round tube.

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