Multifunction turning centers

Founded in 1966, the Austrian Weingärtner specializes in the production of by far the most robust multi-function turning centers on the market. Multi-function turning centers are available with a rotation diameter of 600-2,000 mm, a tip spacing of 1,000-15,000 mm and a workpiece weight of up to 80 tonnes. In line with Weingärtner’s philosophy, even the most rugged workpieces must be completed with a single attachment, ensuring the highest possible accuracy and productivity. The multifunctional turning center succeeds in turning, milling, drilling, cannon drilling, threading, gearing, face machining, peeling, grinding, polishing and measuring, among other things. The company’s customer base is built from the oil, energy, shipbuilding, diesel and gas engine, defense, general engineering, aerospace and plastics industries.

Extremely robust frame structure

In addition to their superior capacity, Weingärtner’s multifunctional turning centers are completely different from the solutions of competing manufacturers in terms of frame structure. The frame structure of Weingärter is similar to that of a sturdy boring or milling machine, unlike the frames of competing manufacturers, which are closer to traditional diagonal lathes. Thus, Weingärtner’s machines can be characterized primarily as robust 5-axis milling machines that can also be turned, while its competitors can be turned into lathes that can also be milled.

Almost limitless machining possibilities

It is possible to change different milling and turning heads from the automatic exchange station to the milling unit of the multifunction turning center, as well as milling and turning tools from the automatic tool magazine, to which the number of tools required by the customer can be connected. All operations are made very fast and fully automatic to ensure the most efficient unmanned process possible.

Complete process support with software

SIEMENS 840D control programs are created either automatically with the manufacturer’s own WeinCAD® software or manually for direct control. WeinCAD® software includes features ranging from research and process development, from geometric lay-out to automatic program creation for control, and 3D simulation with machine tool kinematics for the machining process. Diagnostic software WMDS® together with CHECKitB4® emulator software ensure maximum usability and productivity of the multifunction turning center.


Finished machining of the sturdy piston rod with one attachment.

Finished machining of the sturdy crankshaft with one attachment.

Turbogenerator machining.

Weingärtner Solution Days 2016

Weingärtner's company video.

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