Waste and material handling systems

Long experience and the widest product range

Developing and delivering chip, waste and material management solutions for more than 60 years, PRAB in the United States helps its customers increase productivity, improve process safety and reduce environmental impact. PRAB has the widest product range on the market and more than 4,500 system installation experience worldwide. The company’s European office and factory are located in Opole, Poland. PRAB’s Systems transport, filter, crush, briquette and process materials and liquids for the metal industry. Solutions can be found for individual machine tools as well as for centralized waste and cutting fluid management in entire factories.

Efficiency and safety

A significant part of the costs of several machine shops consists of the treatment of chip, sheet and other waste as well as various liquids, such as cutting fluids. Waste management is inefficient and the safety of workers is constantly exposed to risks such as harmful substances and accidents at work. In addition, uncleaned cutting fluid causes tool wear, low machine utilization, additional cleaning costs, expensive recycling of hazardous cutting fluid waste, or in the worst case, even environmental fines.

PRAB E-Series Metal Chip Processing System

Chips and liquids in circulation

PRAB systems usually pay for themselves very quickly. For example, briquetting machines compress chips or grinding waste into dense and dry briquettes, recovering 99% of the cutting fluid. Briquetted metal waste therefore provides a significantly better recycling price, as its storage, transport and further processing are substantially facilitated. In turn, cutting fluids can be reused by cleaning and recycling, which can reduce the associated costs by up to 90%. Often of particular financial importance is the separation of whole oil from the chips and its return to the machine tool.
In turn, chip shredders shred long chips into a tightly packed shred. The volume of the waste is reduced by up to 1/12, which means that the chip wagons and pallets are not filled with air, the emptying interval is lengthened and the transport costs are significantly reduced.
PRAB also has solutions for handling industrial washing, coating and heat treatment fluids. Their environmentally friendly and regulatory-compliant disposal is expensive. Liquids can be cleaned of other additives, for example by evaporation equipment, and returned to use or drained, which can offer significant cost savings.

Conveyors also for disc waste

When working with, for example, sheet metal work centers, lasers, mechanical and hydraulic presses, a lot of sheet metal waste is generated. PRAB’s core area of expertise is also the manufacture of a great many different types of conveyors for different applications. Lamellar conveyors serve as general solutions for machine shops for dry and wet chips and press waste. Cola conveyors are suitable for grinding waste and cast iron particles. Magnetic conveyors are suitable for oily abrasive waste and disc waste. Screw conveyors, on the other hand, are suitable for transferring short materials and raw materials. Compressed air conveyors, on the other hand, for situations where mechanical conveyors cannot be used. In addition, PRAB also manufactures conveyors for very demanding conditions, such as hardening and casting applications.

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