Measuring systems for planar bodies and curved surfaces

InspecVision Planar

Planar measuring system for measuring planar bodies made of different materials (eg metals, rubbers, polymers, fabrics, wood, cork, cardboard, paper, carbon / fiberglass). The patented Planar high-speed 2.1 / 2D measurement system consists of a light table, an ultra-high-resolution camera mounted on a column above the light table, a laser measuring device, an Intel Pentium computer and measurement software.

InspecVision Opti-Scan 3D

The world’s first 3D scanner to measure curved surfaces and edges. The patented 3D measurement system uses a high-resolution high-speed camera as well as an LED DLP projector to scan the shapes and edges of the body surfaces. Light streaks are projected on the surface of the object with the projector. The patterns are stored in the camera, after which the patterns are used to create measurement results.

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InspecVision - Planar

InspecVision - OptiScan

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