Pipe and plate beveling machines and pipe straight cutting saws

High quality bevels and straight cuts

G.B.C. manufactures various equipment related to pipe and plate processing, especially for pre-treatment before welding. The very high-quality product range of the company, which started operations in 1981, includes pipe and plate chamfering machines as well as pipe straight cutting saws. The company is headquartered in Trobiato di Ardo and has production facilities in Castegnato near Brescia in northern Italy. G.B.C.’s operating system has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and most of its production is export-oriented. The company also manufactures a lot of special solutions according to customer requirements, and continuous product development is seen as a prerequisite for its competitiveness.

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G.B.C. MULTIEDGE plate beveling machine for making versatile welding bevels also for high-strength steels and thick materials.

GBC Industrial Tools - Pipe 6 pipe straight cutting saw

GBC Industrial Tools - SB320 pipe beveling machine

GBC Industrial Tools - SPIDER12 70 pipe flange machining

GBC Industrial Tools - MultiEdge 80 plate beveling machine

GBC Industrial Tools - MiniautoCompact pipe beveling machine

GBC Industrial Tools - Hypermaxi 20 40 pipe beveling machine

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