Automatic and semiautomatic band saws

Highly reliable and long-lasting CNC and semi-automatic band saws in sizes 260, 320 and 450 mm.

Safe and long-lasting band saws

Carif was founded as early as 1948 and manufactured its first back-and-forth sawmill in 1952. As the market developed in the 1960s, many technological innovations emerged that led it to manufacture and export automatic saws throughout Europe. In the 1980s, Carif changed its production and focused on making efficient and easy-to-use band saws with an invention and use patent. Today, more than 90 percent of the family-owned Carif’s production is exported. Carif’s sawmills have been in use in Finland for more than 30 years.

Semi-automatic 450 BSA

Semi-automatic 450 BSA


3D Carif 260

Carif CNC-touch screen control

Carif company video

Carif 450 BA CNC-automatic band saw

Carif 320 BSA VAR E semi-automatic band saw

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Carif 260 BSA semi-automatic band saw

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