Bonetti Opus Cutting Solutions

Vertical, horizontal and special band saws

Affordable special band saws highly tailored to customer requirements.

Founded in 1978, Bonetti Opus Cutting Solutions specializes in the manufacture of highly customized specialty band saws according to customer requirements and at an affordable price. The manufacturer’s standard palette includes direct-cutting horizontal band saws up to 2500×2500 mm, vertical band saws with a fixed or feed table and a moving saw frame, and numerous special solutions for demanding needs in the rugged size range. Bonetti has kept the entire production chain from design and machining to assembly itself, so that it has kept production costs and delivery times under control. The company’s operating system has also received ISO 9001 certification.

Heavy-duty horizontal band saws

For sawing large solid materials, Bonetti Opus manufactures large-scale horizontal band saws. The HS series saws perform efficiently and certainly their work was material whether easy to cut or not. Blades with BI metal and carbide teeth can be used in saws.

Aluminum band saws for special saws

Bonetti Opus also offers a range of solutions for high-speed production sawing of aluminum and other light metals. Among other things, the manufacturer offers several saw solutions for vertical and horizontal sawing with a rotating blade head. For example, the 2000 OR AL saw can be used to saw aluminum blocks with a 24/7 principle, a tolerance of 0.3 mm and excellent surface quality. The manufacturer also has a patented 550 TT-2500 saw solution, where two vertical saws can be used to saw circular sheets of square aluminum plates.


ERGAL 7075 200mm Thickness, 1800mm/min feed


High Speed cutting Aluminum Mold block

Aluminum Bandsaw

Carbide Bandsaw High Speed cuttin

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