Ceramic protection agent for laser, plasma and gas cutting tables

Add productive hours to your cutting machine

The E-WELD Shield prevents slag from cutting from sticking to the cutting table spikes, greatly increasing the life of the spikes. The ceramic protection of the spikes ensures the high quality of the workpieces. The ability to apply the substance by syringe facilitates and speeds up the use of the product. After the introduction of the product, the slag removal step from the spikes is reduced. This in turn increases the capacity of the machine and allows for more operating hours for the machine.


  • Uniform workpieces thanks to the even support provided by the table.
  • Easy slag removal
  • Increased table spike life
  • Shorter setting times
  • Lasting. 1kg is enough to protect 20 m²


  • Spray a covering layer of E-Weld Shield on new or cleaned table spikes.
  • The product effectively prevents slag adhesion.
  • Spike cleaning and re-treatment if necessary about every four weeks.
  • Drying time about 1 hour.


E-Weld Shield Laser

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