AR Filtrazioni

Oil mist and smoke filters

High quality equipment for cleaning and separating oil mist and steam as well as smoke.

Impure air is formed during the machining process when using clean or emulsified coolant or when welding, for example. Inhaling oil and flue gases is harmful to health and very uncomfortable. Many machine shops also incur a very high cost item, especially in winter due to the heat loss caused by blowing out oil mist and smoke. The work environment is also rapidly polluted by oil mist and smoke, which is quite undesirable in a modern machine shop and reduces the value of the property and corporate image.

Up to 99.99% cleaning power

Ensure efficient cleaning and very low maintenance. With the help of special filters that can be connected to the devices, even after retrofitting, up to 99.99% cleaning efficiency can be achieved, if necessary. The investment costs of the manufacturer’s solutions are very small, especially in relation to the life cycle costs of the machine tools.

For many needs

The equipment is easy to connect to any machine tool, such as lathes, machining centers, grinders, saws, gear machines, drills and spark machine tools. In addition, the mobile ARF / ARPX series filters are convenient for changing air filtration needs, eg when welding or with several machine tools.

AR Filtrazion’s oil mist separators and welding fume filters are widely used in machine shops in our country.


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