Markforged Metal X

3D metal printer

Very affordable, easy to use and safe 3D metal printer (growth volume 300x220x180 mm) for industrial use and learning environments with extremely fast material change. Print e.g. tool steels, roster, inconel and pure copper.

See sample photos and videos below!

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Case: Gühring tool body printing

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Printing Volume300x220x180 mm
Printer3D-metal printing FDM
Wash-1Washing of prints
Sinter-1Sintering furnace for prints
17-4 stainless steel
H13 tool steel
Pure copper
Inconel 625
A2 tool steel
D2 tool steel
316L roster (coming soon)
Ti6Al4V titanium (coming soon)



Metal 3D Printing Timelapse | The Markforged Metal X Process

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