CAM software

Easy to use and affordable CAM software.

The best features of different programming methods

WinCAM software supports several different programming methods. For a friend of hand programming, WinCAM offers a handy editor as well as an illustrative simulator. For subfamily programming and building its own functions, WinCAM includes the possibility to use interactive macro programs. However, most prefer to program graphically by first drawing the geometry of the part with the help of software and selecting the appropriate machining methods. Of course, all of these can be combined, even in the execution of the same NC program, according to the situation and preferences. To support graphical programming, the software is always equipped with a machine-adapted postprocessor that takes advantage of all the features of the machine tool and makes efficient NC code.

WinCAM includes all the necessary features so that the creation and testing of programs and the minimization of machining times can be carried out to the end outside the machine tool while it is still doing the previous work. In this way, machine tools are freed up for the work for which they were acquired, i.e. to make money.

The WinCAM software family has its own applications for turning, machining centers and many types of cutting.

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