3D metal and composite printers

Markforged in the United States manufactures high-quality desktop 3D metal and composite printers (for long-fiber carbon and glass fiber, kevlar, and as binding materials for Onyx and nylon).

Markforged in the United States manufactures high-quality desktop 3D metal and composite printers (for long-fiber carbon and glass fiber, kevlar, and as binding materials for Onyx and nylon).

Cheap and fast

Markforged 3D Printing Technology frees designers and engineers from the long delivery times and high costs of single pieces of traditional manufacturing methods. With Markforged printers, you can 3D-print incredibly high-quality parts right on site and usually in less than 24 hours.

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Material according to the application

Carbon fiber parts printed with composite printers are as strong as aluminum, but lighter. With the Metal X 3D metal printer, you can currently print heat-resistant parts in pure copper, H13 and A2 tool steels, and 17-4 stainless steel, and a large number of other metals are coming soon. In addition to metals and carbon fiber, reinforcement long fiber materials include e.g. fiberglass, Kevlar, Onyx and silicone.

Material properties:

Pure copper

17-4 stainless steel

H13 tool steel




Test the Eiger software for free

Printing pure copper with a Markforged Metal X 3D metal printer.

Printing process
CAD design your printable part, download the STL file and select the material. The Eiger software does the rest for easy printing. The plastic-bonded metal powder is printed in layers in the shape of your piece. The part is scaled up to compensate for the shrinkage in the sintering process. 

Sintering process
The printed piece first goes to a wash where the binder is dissolved. The body is then sintered in a furnace and the metal powder melts into a solid metal.

Metal part
The all-metal part is now ready for use and can be processed in exactly the same way as any metal part.

3D metal printers

3D composite printers

Printing of strong parts

By reinforcing 3D prints with composite fibers, Markforged printers offer unique strength, rigidity and durability for printing components.

Material spectrum

Markforged’s 3D composite printers can print carbon and glass fiber, Kevlar and Onyx.

Ease to use

Markforged’s own very easy-to-use and intuitive software helps to make both strong and flexible parts.

Wärtsilä's CE-approved 3D composite printed lifting rack.

History of Markforged

Global market leader Markforged was founded at Massachusetts University of Technology in 2013. The company was founded to solve problems related to product manufacturing. Traditional manufacturing processes such as machining or casting offer high quality, high performance parts, but had several weeks of delivery time and very high costs. At that time, material addition manufacturing was fast and cost-effective, but the quality and durability of the parts were poor.

Mark One and Metal X

In 2014, Markforged manufactured Mark One, the world’s first 3D composite printer. The printer is able to produce with sufficient performance the level of quality required by traditional manufacturing processes, utilizing the speed and affordability of material-increasing manufacturing. In 2017, Markforged released the first 3D metal printer, the Metal X.


Software: Test the Eiger software for free

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Printing pure copper with a Metal X 3D metal printer

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