CNC pipe bending and head forming machines

Pioneer in the field

Throughout its history, Crippa has been a pioneer in its field and has been the first Italian manufacturer to present e.g. CNC pipe bending machine, full-servo CNC pipe bending machine and patented two-way, right and left, bending machine. Today, Crippa manufactures CNC pipe bending machines and head forming machines mainly fully servo-operated, and as many as 13 CNC axes are available. In Finland, Crippa is very well known and its machines are used by several of our leading pipe benders.

The oldest machine manufacturer in Italy

The company started as a one-man workshop founded by Agostino Crippa. After the death of the founder in 1977, the company continued to be based on a larger shareholding. Throughout its existence, Crippa has focused on pipe bending machines and today has a very strong foothold, especially in the automotive, energy, furniture and aircraft industries.

Success stories


15-axis, 65-ton full-servo CNC pipe bending machine with up to Ø 225 x12 mm direct drawing bending.

Crippa 150HE CNC pipe bending machine for pipes up to 150 mm in diameter.

Crippa pipe processing cell with SMALL2R CNC pipe bending machine and PO5 head forming machine.

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