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Ensuring your competitiveness


Vossi Service ensures the competitiveness of your metal workshop meaning its productivity, safety and environment friendliness. Our focus is to offer maximal availability 24/7/365 meaning every hour of year. Comprehensive  ISO 14 001 ja ISO 9 001 environment and quality certified lifecycle services for machine tools, industrial robots and other devices. We serve you at the moment from four different locations in troughout Finland and Baltics states.





Maintenance and repair services

Our experienced service professionals perform preventive services, repairs and tests of machine tools, industrial robots and other devices with high quality and reliability.

Service contracts

In a service contract is agreed on utilization hours based preventive and other services of machine tools, industrial robots and other devices. Our aim is to free your resources for your core business and lift your production's availability, quality capability, safety and environment friendliness to a new level. The service contract enables better resale value of your production capacity and budgeting of maintenance costs. All your action history of your production equipment is stored in our modern database. We deliver always comprehensive report of performed tasks and current condition of the maintenanced system. In urgent repairs, service contract customers get always the quickest possible support.


Spare parts, wearables, tools and accessories

We storage the most common spare parts and wearables for machine tools, deivces and controls in our  stock located in Tampere Finland. Our direct contacts to manufacturers and importers as well as our developed logistic processes ensure quick and reliable deliveries.

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Inspections and calibrations

The minimization of quality loss and the maximization of work safety require accuracy of production equipment and compliance with safety norms and laws. We excecute geomethrical accuracy tests, safety device inspections and calibrations of our represented measurement systems.

Renishaw Ballbar measurement service

Metronor 3D camera measurement service

Renishaw XL-80 laser measurement service




High quality and reliable moving and installation service for machine tools.



Our service technicians trained by manufacturers ensure fluent commissioning of systems.


Operator trainings

Our training services ensure that our customers can maximize the utilization of their system. That those can be used as productively, safely and environmetal friendly as possible. We offer operator and service trainings for machine tools, industrial robots and controls for single operators as well as for lagger groups.


Technical support

Our technical support ensure comprehensive utilization of the system.


Remote support

Remote support over internet enables quick and economical repair and production monitoring.


Updates and upgrades

By updating control software and upgrading hardware the competitiveness of the system is maintained.


Industrial movings

Our experienced and professional service technicians together our logistic partners excecute machine tool liftings and industrial movings.


Industrial cleaning and waste recycling services

Clean working environment ensures work safety and productivity because accidents, sickness absences and machine faults are not caused. We offer with our partner comprehensive industrial cleaning services including sensitive dry ice cleaning to all sensitive surfaces and easily damaging and water sensitive objects as well as hot water washings and high power vacuum cleanings. Furthermore, we offer competitive recycling services for emulsion, oily water, oil separation drain, metallic and wood wastes in their waste treatment plant.


The competitiveness of system reaches at some point of its lifecycle state when its modernization can be reasonable. We offer modernization performed by our professionals and its profitability can be compared to investment of new system.



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Lifecycle services, warranties and technical support

+358 10 8200 530

Spare parts, wearables and accessories

+358 10 8200 540


+358 10 8200 504


Timo Heinonen

Tel. +358 10 8200 546


Vossi Service success story: Puristeteos Oy



– We have been using the lifecycle services of Vossi Service already over ten years including preventive services, repairs, installations, trainings, upgrades, spare parts and wearables. Our good experiences encouraged us to extend our co-operation to realize our large scale relocationing of 70 machine tools with very tight schedule,

Managing Director Ville Mäenpää




  • <span class='caption-title'>Pöytyän Koneistuspalvelu Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Fermat WRF 150 ja WFT 13 CNC-avarruskoneet</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>A. Reponen Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Hankwang levy- ja putkilaser, Thoman CNC-rullataivutuskone ja Macri CNC-putkentaivutuskone</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Ouneva Group</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Omera R200R1M2S8/HS ja OPM-100 mekaaniset puristinlinjat</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Technip Offshore Finland Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Bomar Individual 620.460 DGANC CNC-vannesahalinja</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Sako Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Biglia B 1200 sorvauskeskus</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Saarijärven Säiliövalmiste Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Faccin HAV/S 3162 CNC-levynpyöristyskone</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Metronor langaton 3D-mittauslaite</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Metalli Järvelä Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Crippa CA 563 CNC-putkentaivutusautomaatti</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>SBA Interior Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Akira-Seiki Performance V3 työstökeskus</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Bierkühl Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>SMI Silver 3 CD putkituotantosolu</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Kalajoen Teräs Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Bomar Individual 620.460 DGH CNC-sahalinja</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Lankapaja Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Biglia B565 YS sorvauskeskus</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Kangasalan Kopal Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Akira-Seiki SV 1350 työstökeskus</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Japrotek Oy Ab</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Faccin HAV 3154 levynpyöristykone</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>KPPR-Steel Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Macri Provar 6-65UD CNC-putkentaivutuskone</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Raahen osaamiskeskus Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Baykal APHS 3100x440 CNC-särmäyskone</span>
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