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The new generation of Eagle fiber laser concept is finally available. Developed by Eagle EVA laser cutting head 12 kW IPG fiber laser resonator offers superior productivity and accuracy. Cuttting speed max. 150 m/min, positioning speed max. 350 m/min and 6 G acceleration.


6 G acceleration

The flagship model of Eagle offers outstanding dynamic of 6 G. This is achieved by polymere concrete frame and carbon fibre bridge. Furthermore there are two linear guides

and absolute encoders on both sides of the bridge. All axes (X, Y and Z) movements are realized by super fast and service free linear motors.


12 kW fiber lasers

Eagle concentrates solely on developing and manufacturing systems based on IPG fiber lasers because of their superior technology compared to other available laser technologies. Fiber lasers are very reliable in use and providing substantial cost savings in electrical consumption (less than 70% CO2) and reduction in maintenance cost due to (a simpler structure than CO2). In addition, any faulty due to the modular structure of the fiber laser module is easy and quick to change without long interruption.



One of the Eagle's individually developed control handy features, Drop & Cut function, which is easy and fast to cut the desired pieces from partially used sheet blanks.


Table Exchange only in 9 seconds

The cutting table is high innovative completely mechanical construction which is designed without any commonly used slow hydraulic or pneumatic functions, which allows extremely rapid -only 9 seconds (1,5x3 m) conditions - the operating table in the exchange. In addition, Eagle also offers a complete fiber laser cutting cells with powerful automation processing of sheet blanks, cut sheets and storage.


Vision from experience

EAGLE company is founded 2006 and its the founder studied at the University of Technology in Poland Ponznan machine technology. His extensive practical experience of the most well known laser cutting systems about the maintenance, repair and implementation projects accumulated extensive knowledge of the market for laser cutting systems, and got his vision of the best fiber laser concept in the market.




Vossi high quality lifecycle services

Vossi provides comprehensive lifecycle services including installations made by Vossi service technicians trained by EAGLE, which includes training, maintenance and technical support. In addition, Vossi stores the wear parts and the most critical spare parts in Tampere, Finland. Vossi service technicians have already long and extensive experience of laser technologies because several Vossi's partners are using IPG laser resonators in their machines.


Finnish EAGLE stories of success:

Finland's first Eagle fiber laser cutting system was sold to Siuron Metallirakenne Oy.


Company website:



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  • <span class='caption-title'>Kalajoen Teräs Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Bomar Individual 620.460 DGH CNC-sahalinja</span>
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  • <span class='caption-title'>Kangasalan Kopal Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Akira-Seiki SV 1350 työstökeskus</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Japrotek Oy Ab</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Faccin HAV 3154 levynpyöristykone</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>KPPR-Steel Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Macri Provar 6-65UD CNC-putkentaivutuskone</span>
  • <span class='caption-title'>Raahen osaamiskeskus Oy</span><br/><span class='caption-subtitle'>Baykal APHS 3100x440 CNC-särmäyskone</span>
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